I was raised by my grandparents in a small town called Lyubimets, in Southeast Bulgaria, near the borders with Greece and Turkey, where I lived from my 1st to 7th year and later spent the summers. It used to be a child heaven – no criminal activity and no traffic in a place where everybody knew everyone. So I spent endless days blissfully running around and playing streets away from my grandparents’ house – nobody was ever worried. After I entered early teenage years I stopped going there so much and just visited once in a while.

Some years ago my parents moved back to Lyubimets so when I gave birth to my child I decided to spent a month in the summer there with him. I started going out with my grandfather’s old bicycle every day and was struck by the strange beauty and unimpaired authenticity of the town – twenty years later almost nothing has changed. This exciting feeling of open space I had in my childhood came back to me and so the desire to document. Lyubimets was and is still the mecca of tomatoes and watermelons in Bulgaria and the primary occupation of the natives.

“Long Summer” is my tribute to the colors and heavy light of summer I carry like jewels in my memory.

Self-published, limited edition of 30
17,5 x 20 cm, 48 pages, digital print, hand made cover and sewing